Monday, January 23, 2023

Toyota FT-86 II Concept

The Toyota FT-86 II Concept pays homage to Toyota’s sports car history and is an entirely driver-oriented concept. Its styling was dubbed ‘functional beauty’: its bold, sweeping form has been generated purely according to the constraints of function and aerodynamics.

The small, highly aerodynamic body is stretched over difficult technical issues with the muscular body is represented as compact as possible. The concept of measures 4,235 mm long, 1795 mm wide and 1270 mm high, with a long, 2570 mm wheelbase. 

Instead of using a heavy displacement, much of the transmission system to ensure performance, the Toyota FT-86 II Concept back to the roots of sport boxer engine Toyota through a combination of free gasoline speed manual transmission with 6-speed compact lightweight and a low center of gravity to achieve better power to weight ratio possible.

Both the power-train transmission and the driving position is as low as possible and to optimize the balance between the balance, most of the agility and stability at high speeds. When the configuration front-engine/rear-wheel-drive gives the car a lively performance, easy is easy to use and enjoy. 

Toyota FT-86 Concept II is the latest step in the development of a new drive and sporty compact rear wheel, which is jointly developed by Toyota and Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru).

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